Reflecting on Veteran’s Day

November 11th, 2013


“How fortunate it was for the world that when these great trials came upon it there was a generation that terror could not conquer and brutal violence could not enslave.”   ―     Winston Churchill



On this day, People Plus would like to thank our Veterans for bolding volunteering to protect and defend this great nation. As we reflect on the sacrifices made, take time today to thank the vets you know and give thanks for the thousands you have never met.

The following poem, written by a United States Marine, provides beautiful insight into the sacrifice of military life.

by Ian Thompson, USMC

“I wish that you were here”
My wife whispers on the phone
Too many times
She has realized
That freedom is not free

“No go away, Daddy”
My little girl says
She’s barely two
But already knows
That freedom is not free

I have a little boy
Born three months ago
When I return
He’ll be near one
Since freedom is not free

My parents often worry
When I am away
They mourn for me
And what I miss
Since freedom is not free

There are children in this world
Rich and poor alike
Whose parents do
Not understand
That freedom is not free

There are men who face evil
For the sake of all
By their stand
We realize
That freedom is not free

There is a God Almighty
Nailed upon a cross
He paid the price
That we might live
For freedom is not free

Many days I am away
From those I love most
Yet I thank God
And carry on
For freedom is not free.


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