September Safety Slogan

September 9th, 2014

STOP accidents before they STOP you.


Safe Work Habits Pay Off

Developing safe work habits on the job helps us to avoid certain exposures even if we are not thinking about the particular hazard. Here are some examples:

 Hazard: Getting in the path of a moving object moving towards a stationary object.

Safety Habit: Make sure machine openings are guarded and pay attention to warning signals.

 Hazard: Catch points/shear points ‐ objects that have sharp corners, splines, teeth or other rough edges capable of catching the operator’s clothing.

Safety Habit: Wear clothing appropriate for the job, make sure guards are in place, and remove nails and staples from packing crates.

 Hazard: Squeeze points ‐ created by two objects as they move toward one another.

 Safety Habit: Maintain a minimum of 18 inches of clearance between moving and fixed objects.  Maintain proper guarding, and relocate equipment where necessary.

Every Person Counts. The habits you form today protect you for tomorrow and the future.

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