With the current labor shortage, it shouldn’t surprise you that companies are getting creative in their hiring practices. That’s why we’ve seen more companies than ever before hiring temporary warehouse workers to fill gaps in their workflows. Temporary workers can help employers fill gaps in staffing that no other type of employment model can. There are all kinds of benefits that come from hiring a flexible temporary workforce. Here are those benefits and how they can help your business.  

What Are the Benefits of Temp Warehouse Workers? 

Temporary labor makes up a significant portion of the American workforce today. For the worker, a temp job allows certain flexibility to work when you want in the kinds of positions that you want. This flexibility is also beneficial for companies who are seeking to fill temporary gaps in hiring or to staff up during peak time. Temp workers are truly an “as needed” resource and employers appreciate this flexibility without the increased risk of hiring permanent staff. 

Warehouse owners know that their business often has seasonal peaks and valleys. This is also true during COVID, when the availability of the supply chain goes up and down along with the economy. These days, many things can disrupt our businesses and require warehouse owners to seek out temporary workers as a way to cope with the increasingly stressful demands of finding talent.  

Challenging projects, a holiday rush, or other changes to the ebb and flow of your business require corresponding changes to your staffing needs. Temporary staff provides the resources you need to handle any fluctuations in your business.  

If you work with a staffing agency like People Plus, these temporary workers can also respond quickly if you need to fill positions fast. If you’re trying to find a permanent workforce, you’ll spend more time and it will take longer to find the talent you need. With temporary workers coming from a staffing agency, you can put out the call that you need the help and have qualified, pre-vetted candidates at your doorstep in a matter of days or weeks.  

Even better, you can write these temporary assignments as contract to hire. This allows you to avoid some of the risks associated with hiring a full-time worker without trying them out first. A temp to hire contract worker is a great option for many employers.  

Temporary workers are also a lower-cost resource than permanent staff. With permanent staff, you are on the hook for wages, benefits, taxes, and hiring expenses. People Plus handles all of the costs associated with hiring including benefits. Temporary warehouse workers can be recruited, hired, and managed by a firm like People Plus. That makes People Plus a ready-made resource standing by for when you need it the most. 

Choose People Plus for Your Temporary Staffing Needs 

People Plus has been serving clients in the warehousing industry since 1988. Our rates are very competitive and we have a strong cadre of talent in our database that specifically request temporary assignments. Beyond warehousing, we also work with manufacturing, medical, legal, administrative, and logistics companies to provide them with the top talent that they need. Find out how we can help your company staff up and get the help you need. 

Aug 26, 2021 By Amy Sanderson