The woman who started it all

In 1988, a small town in Madisonville, Kentucky was about to change.  It was then that Alice Sanders, along with her husband Ron, opened a business that forever changed the staffing and recruiting landscape of Western Kentucky.  Together, they opened their first People Plus office (then called Pennyrile Temporaries) and the rest was history. 

Alice was our first staffing coordinator, recruiter, payroll specialist, client services, janitor…you name it, Alice did it.  She had a knack for helping people feel comfortable and helping them find what they needed.  Not only did she help businesses and employees find each other, those same people helped Alice grow personally and professionally along the way.  She believed in the mission at People Plus that “we want everyone that has worked for us to be better for having done so” and she showed it in how she cared, loved and lived. 

Alice believed you needed to give back to the community that gave to you; therefore, she was a very active member of the Madisonville Rotary Club volunteering her time and efforts to help raise money for local charities.  She also had a deep faith in Christ, practiced work-life balance before it was cool and, mostly, had a deep love for her family.   Alice always had a strong passion for empowering women and she showed that empowerment by advocating for Rotary Cheer to grow the Rotary Football program. Alice had a love for life because she was a survivor of life.  Within 3 years of opening their first office, Alice underwent a kidney transplant that enabled her to continue to be there for her business and family.  To this day, People Plus is a big promoter of the “Gift of Life” through organ donation (  Without that selfless gift, we may not have had a story to tell. 

Alice continues, through her spirit and her daughters, to be the biggest cheerleader of People Plus.  She will be forever missed by many and loved by all.