Looking to boost your organization's culture or morale during the hottest time of the year? Here are a few ways you can boost everyone's spirits!

Culture matters. You know it even if you can’t articulate what is the exact glue that holds your team together. Culture changed for many of us during COVID, as more employees started working remotely. It’s hard to keep culture going through a Zoom meeting, but we try. If your company is struggling to boost organizational culture, this blog will give you some tips to use this summer to benefit your business.

What is Culture and How Can You Give it a Boost?

Culture is the mission, vision, and values of your organization. But it is also the processes and workflows that are the norms that make up your business. If you feel like your culture needs a boost this summer, here are a few things that could positively impact the intangibles as well as the part of your culture that’s right out in the open. For example, you could:

  • Engage your team in talking about the values that matter to you and to them. The idea is to do more than write down values on a company wall, but to work with your employees to first, define, and then second, live those values every day. Most employees want meaningful work. A mission statement or a declaration of the values that drive the mission is important to increase employee engagement in your company.

  • Improve the onboarding process. Culture starts at the front door, so you should emphasize it as part of the new employee experience. New hires should receive a meaningful orientation and training or you run the risk that they will fall into the 30% of new employees who quit within the first 90-days on the job. Consider establishing a mentorship program pairing new employees with existing team members to help ease the transition into your company. Then, set up a 90-day discussion about how it’s going for the new employee and even create a career roadmap.
  • Speaking of a career roadmap, these are great tools to improve culture but also to help improve employee retention. A career roadmap is a discussion of the priorities of the employee. What do they want to learn? What are their career goals? Train your managers in how to have these crucial conversations. Then figure out a way to help the employee meet the goals found within their roadmap. If you can do these things, you will change the culture of your organization by creating better engagement and happier employees.
  • Create a culture of transparency with your workforce by opening communication channels. Many employees tell us they end up leaving their jobs because they don’t trust their managers or leadership. The quality and sometimes the quantity of communication blocks the free flow of information, leaving employees in the dark about management decisions affecting their lives. If your company missed its goals, talk about it openly. The same is true if business is booming. Help your employees understand the “why” behind management decisions and you will give your teams a necessary cultural boost that will benefit the entire organization.

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Jul 21, 2022 By Amy Sanderson