Highly skilled workers or those with specific hard-to-find technical, scientific, medical, or other expertise can be very hard to find. While these professionals may have a long history in the field and a network of colleagues, sometimes they need a little help finding the right career match for their skills. That's where a recruiter can help. This article will help you understand why working with a recruiting team, no matter your skillset, can be important. 

What’s Happening in the Specialized Skills Market? 

Today there are more than 650,000 skilled labor jobs that are going unfilled each year because we don’t have enough qualified candidates to go around. CNBC calls it, “the great divide in the U.S. labor market.” This trend is driving employers to reskill their workforce to help fill this gap. Competing alongside this trend is a push to hire more contract employees. While freelancing or contract work has its supporters, the reality is that contract work lacks the safety net of a full-time job. Where do these trends leave the skilled workers in a changing marketplace? While it may sound like an easy task for a skilled worker to find a better job, in fact, there are difficulties inherent in any job search, particularly when the candidate has a narrow niche of skills that they offer. 

Specialized Skills Require a Special Job 

What does it mean to have specialized skills? You could be a CFO in a professional accounting firm or a nurse executive in a hospital. You could be a supply chain logistics leader or a manufacturing manager in a very specific niched product line. Finding the right fit for a very specific set of skills can be hard. That's why it takes an innovative approach to find the right fit. 

Working with a recruiter that specializes in your field gives you a head start over other candidates. A recruiting professional uses a variety of techniques to ramp up your job search. Their first goal is to define exactly the kind of job that you’re looking for. They can provide realistic insight as to the types of jobs that are available currently. A recruiter can become an excellent resource for your decision-making process. 

The recruiter will ask you a number of questions to gauge your expertise, including: 

  • Education and certifications 

  • Years of experience 

  • Specific skillsets 

  • Are you willing to relocate? 

The job of the recruiter is to "pitch" your candidacy to an employer. They can help you revamp your resume to make it more palatable to other recruiters or hiring managers. An industry-specific recruiter can provide information on the employer whose job you're applying to. Recruiters often have the inside track on jobs that haven't been posted yet, along with having insight into the corporate culture. They can help you with tricky salary negotiations. That makes a recruiter an important resource for any skilled worker seeking a career change. 

If you are a skilled worker, there are many benefits to working closely with a professional recruiter to assist you in your efforts to make a career change. People Plus would like to represent you to our clients, who are some of the best companies in the nation. Talk with our team today about how we can help advance your career. 

Mar 19, 2021 By Amy Sanderson