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Trying to stay ahead of the tumultuous job market is hard. The last two years have brought unprecedented changes to where and how we work. Telecommuting became normal during COVID for many of us. The perspective we gained from the pandemic caused many workers to quit. The Great Resignation became the name for the massive volume of quits we’ve seen—47 million and still counting as we write this. As we near the end of the year, it makes sense to take stock of the American job market and the hiring trends still evolving as we move toward 2023. What’s next for the job market—and what’s next for you?

2023 Job Trends to Watch

#1 Remote Work is Here; Get Used to It
According to most predictions, flexible work will continue. But businesses aren’t consistent in their approach. Some companies let you work from home, others do not, while still others allow a combination of the two. Wired suggests that if companies have the right technology, they should make the decision to let workers go remote; “If you can’t get them (employees) connected in a way that makes sense for the organization, then bring them in-house.” Employers are paying close attention to the fact that most job candidates want remote work. Today, six in 10 employees work remotely. CO says employers should ask themselves, “How can your business facilitate making work accessible to all in a way that sparks productivity?”

Trend #2 Who You Work for Matters
More job candidates and consumers are paying attention to companies’ sustainability practices. One-half of U.S. consumers pay attention to the green practices of the companies they buy from. Every generational category says they will pay more for products that don’t harm the planet. This has led to big fibs about company sustainability practices. “Greenwashing” is when companies say they’re more environmentally friendly than they actually are. There is evidence that employees care about the sustainability practices of companies. For job candidates, this means researching the job is more important than ever.


Trend #3 We Still Want Job Security
Despite the Great Resignation, Americans aren’t job hoppers by nature. U.S. economic predictions for 2023 remain fairly grim; on the one hand, there are plenty of jobs currently, but on the other, a recession looms. This makes most job candidates nervous about the stability of their company—and in some cases, this anxiety is well-founded. But employees want job security and they are willing to quit to find it.

Want to Strive to Be Your Best in 2023?

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Oct 9, 2022 By Amy Sanderson