When the economy is slow, the competition for jobs can be fierce. You need a competitive edge to get your resume noticed, nail the interview, and get the offer. We have some tips that will help you increase your chances of finding work—even during a global pandemic. 

Use the Tips to Increase Your Chances of Finding Work

Step 1: Revamp your resume. 

It’s okay to be creative when revamping your resume. Hiring managers spend only a few moments looking at your resume, especially when hundreds of other applicants competing for the same job. However, heavy graphics could not translate well into applicant tracking systems (ATS) so be careful when designing your resume for attention. Go for a clean, concise document that reflects the characteristics you have that mirror the job description.  

Step 2: Take time to create a cover letter. 

The cover letter is always worth the time you put into it. You can use one to explain gaps in your resume and explain why your skills fit the role. Many candidates skip this step; don’t be that person. Instead, take two paragraphs and let your personality shine in a well-worded document designed to get the attention of the frontend recruiter. 

Step 3: Research the company. 

Every application you send should be personalized to the job and the company as much as possible. Take time to research the company to try to determine more about their line of business. Take a look at their mission and core values to make sure you are a good fit for the company. You can even share that in your cover letter. 

Step 4: Apply for multiple jobs. 

It’s okay to apply for more than one job in a big company. If you feel qualified for more than one job, then by all means, apply. Enterprise organizations often have several hiring managers in multiple departments that may be responsible for the candidate process. In a small company, the chances are higher that there's just one recruiter and one hiring manager or all the jobs. Sending multiple resumes to a small company could be annoying to the hiring team. 

Step 5: Follow up. 

Some candidates worry about following up with hiring teams, but it’s always a good idea. Many larger companies can drag their hiring process on for weeks. Why wouldn’t you follow up? Trust us when we tell you that many candidates will not follow through. If you’ve been interviewed, check-in with the point person on that team about a week after the interview to see if they need any additional information. Finally, always send an email thank you after every interview, whether by phone, video, or in person. 

Step 6: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date. 

LinkedIn is the best professional social network to use for reaching potential employers. You can set yourself apart from other candidates by making sure your profile on LinkedIn has a nice headshot and a snappy bio. 

Another way to set your candidacy apart is to work with a PeoplePlus recruiter. Our team can help connect you with the best employers. Contact us—we can help. 

Dec 16, 2020 By Amy Sanderson