It’s not just about money anymore. The latest surveys show that job candidates these days are choosing companies based on their culture. So, you know culture matters. If you’re trying to build culture in your business, it’s a two-way street that requires employee buy-in to make it happen. How can you get your teams to buy into the company culture you’re trying to build?

Building Employee Buy-in for Your Warehouse Culture

The first step toward building employee buy-in in your culture is to clearly define what you want it to be. If you can approach this process in a way that involves your employees in actually building the purpose of the company, that’s even better. Consider putting some of your best workers on a committee to work with leadership to build this for your business.

Your goal is to figure out why your company is in business. Sure, to make money and be successful. But, why? What greater good does all the work your warehouse team really accomplish? Who are you there to serve? What is your vision and mission? All of these things should be a part of the process of building core values for your organization.

Keep in mind that your mission should be clear and attainable. Your values should be spelled out and actionable. Once everyone is on the same page about this it’s a lot easier for everyone to row in the same direction.

Next, get to know your team. Your managers should be trained to learn more about the teams around them. What do your workers value? What do they care about? If you learn these things, managers can find better ways to motivate your workforce to do great work. This valuable information can also be used to help you build a mission statement that will resonate with the team.

Once your mission and vision begin to come into shape, you can conduct team-building exercises to engage your staff.  Business culture forms around company mission and values, particularly if they are carefully and clearly designed. Talk frequently about the importance of culture and what it means in your business. Don’t just place these important mission statements in a file somewhere. Find a way to use them every day to motivate your teams and the rest will follow.

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Jan 27, 2022 By Amy Sanderson