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Right now, Kentucky has twice as many job openings as they have employees to fill them. That’ is fantastic news for you, the job candidate. You can use this to your advantage and pick out the best job for you, your family, and your situation. But how can you tell if the job you’re considering is the right one? We have some tips that will help you spot the signs that the job is a good one—or one to run away from.

Getting a New Job in Kentucky? Ask Yourself These Questions First

When the job market is packed with jobs, you have the leisure to look for the right fit. There are some questions you can ask yourself today, because the Kentucky job market is so good. For example:

  • Instead of taking any job that pays the rent you can ask yourself, “Does this job align with my values and beliefs?” Ideally, we should ask this question with every job, but the reality is sometimes you just need the money. Now, though, you can try to figure out if what’s important to you is reflected in the job culture.
  • Will the job interest you? Today, less than 40% of the American workforce is engaged in their jobs. It’s a sorry state of affairs for employees and their bosses, but in today’s job market you have a better shot of getting a more intriguing job. While you can’t be unrealistic if you don’t have specialized skills, even entry-level jobs may have something to entice you—such as the chance for advancement or great benefits.
  • What will your boss be like? Do you have a sense of your coworkers? The reality is that most employees leave work because of their bosses. So, when you’re evaluating a position, make sure you are figuring out if the people in the job are ones that you’d like to spend a lot of time with.
  • Also, evaluate the physical environment. Is it one you’ll feel safe in? Are there reasonable accommodations to make your workspace comfortable? If the workspace is a large open space, do you know if you can be productive or do you need a quieter location? The point is that the office space and employees are the environments you’ll be spending lots of time in. Figure out if it’s where you’d like to be about 40 hours every week.
  • Finally, does the job pay what you think you’re worth? What will your take-home pay look like? How expensive are the benefits, if you have them, and will they take care of your health or give you the kind of perks you’re looking for and can appreciate? Health insurance aside, does the job offer other perks such as remote or hybrid arrangements or other flexible scheduling that you can enjoy. Today, employers are getting creative in coming up with things like signing bonuses and flex time. Does this job give you any “goodies” that will be icing on the cake on top of the paycheck?

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Jun 28, 2022 By Amy Sanderson