Sourcing, reviewing resumes, interviewing, and hiring are time-consuming processes. That's because it is incredibly hard to find not just employees but good employees. There are more employees out there looking today, but there are many workers who simply aren't the right fit for your business. Why is it so hard to find good employees? 

It’s a Hiring Process 

One of the reasons you may struggle to find good employees is because the process itself is tedious and difficult to manage. You can have a communication breakdown at any stage of the hiring process. Even one breakdown can lead to a bad hire or a lot of wasted time on interviewing the wrong types of candidates with the wrong types of skills. 

The four most important stages of the hiring process include: 

  • Getting the right candidates to apply with the right credentials. 

  • Keeping those candidates engaged through the entire hiring process. 

  • Interviewing and finding the best candidates.

  • Closing the candidate negotiation. 

That’s a lot of work and if you run into trouble with any of these stages, you will potentially lose the candidate before they come on board.  
Another issue is that today, there are a lot of people unemployed, but are they the right candidate for your company? Do they fit your culture? Is there work ethic strong? Do they have the skills you’re looking for? You have a lot riding on your choice, too. One bad hire can cost your company a lot of money, and the higher up the position, the more costly the mistake can be.  

Finding, screening, and hiring the right employee takes a massive amount of time. You can have one or two people in HR working on attracting a better quality of candidate. The quality of your advertisement is just as important as where you place the ad. However, the ad itself should be very clear about the job requirements in order to attract a better type of candidate. 

It’s also a good idea to get creative in your hiring process by asking your best workers for referrals. If you don’t do this regularly, and if you don’t offer a referral bonus to your workers, you’re missing out on a higher quality of candidate that comes from the people that your employees know will be a fit.  

Move quickly when you know the candidate is the right fit. You run the risk of losing a good worker to your competitor if you take a long time to make the offer and finalize the deal. Even during times of high unemployment, the best candidates are simply always in demand.  

Finally, have reasonable expectations of the kind of candidates that will work for your company. There is no “perfect” candidate, although you can get close. But knowing when to ease up on a particular candidate credential and when not to settle is important. Look for candidates that have the solid ability to learn new skills. These candidates are just as important as the ones that already have the skills you need. 

The number one tool you can use today to attract the best candidates is a staffing agency like People Plus. Our experienced recruiters are highly efficient at managing the recruiting process to your advantage. Talk with our team today to get in touch with a great network of candidates to help you with your job search. We can help. 


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Oct 8, 2020 By Amy Sanderson