Temping originally had kind of a bad reputation; candidates usually want to find a more permanent position. However, there are benefits from temporary jobs that you don’t find from full-time positions. Why would you choose a temp job? Here’s why it may be the perfect option for you. 

Can Temping Help Your Career? 

If you want to get hired fast, temping is a good way to keep income rolling in while you’re in-between jobs. Gaps in a resume are harder to explain to employers so even having a short-term contract position is better than nothing. But temporary positions can do more than that for your resume and your career.

Taking a temporary position could: 

  • Add experience to your resume. This could give you the skills you need to improve your career. A temporary position can bring valuable experience to your resume, give you confidence, and help you land a full-time job. 

  • Allow you to make some money. This can do more than keep income coming in. It could also give you a psychological boost that only working and earning income can provide. Of note is that the income you’re paid on a temp job is typically higher than a full-time role.Having the monetary security that comes from a temp job is a much better alternative than unemployment because the pay is higher—and your sense of self-worth will be, too. 

  • Eliminate any gaps on your resume. No company wants to see gaps in your resume, so you must do everything possible to make sure they don't exist. It matters less that the role doesn’t match your chosen career path. The point is that every job you have will show employers you are willing and ready to work. 

  • Let you explore new industries. Temp work lets you sample a variety of industries and potential jobs. Many of these opportunities could turn full-time. But it’s powerful to be able to “try it before you buy it,” making temping a good way to explore new career paths and companies. 

  • Allows flexibility in your employment. Some temp jobs are short-term, which could fit well with your life situation. Still, other temp jobs are part-time, allowing you steady work while juggling school or home responsibilities. 

  • Teach you new skills. Staying employed is always better than the alternative, but temporary jobs also add new knowledge to your repertoire while keeping the old skills sharp. 

  • Grow your professional network. Networking is key to finding good jobs in the future. Temporary jobs allow you to show off your job skills to new employers while building new friendships and professional relationships. This could help your career in the long-term. 

When you consider all of the advantages of temporary work, it seems like these opportunities could benefit your career. These benefits lead many people to consider working temporary jobs as a lifestyle choice. The key to this process is connecting with a staffing agency like PeoplePlus, who can keep the jobs flowing so that you stay as employed as you want to be. Talk with our team about the types of positions we have available to suit your goals.  

Dec 16, 2020 By Amy Sanderson