Picture of Text Messaging

Welcome to the Mobile World, People Plus!  Thanks to all the great minds in technology and the wireless world, you can now send a text message to your local People Plus office phone number.  It's easy with no additional numbers to remember or save!  Simply use the same office number you call if you need to text. 

  • Need to schedule an appointment?  Text us!
  • Need to cancel an appointment or interview?  Text us!
  • Need a reminder on what time your assignment starts?  Text us! 
  • Need to check-in on availability?  Text us!
  • Want to tell us how much you love your job assignment?  Text us!  ;-)

Call or TEXT your local office at:

Madisonville:  270-825-8939

Greenville:  270-377-0088

Paducah:  270-443-5032

Henderson:  270-869-9060

Lexington:  859-246-1400

Aug 26, 2019 By Amanda Huddleston