Job Hunting? What Questions Should You Ask Every Warehouse Company?

Posted on Jan 20, 2022

Selecting your next job will be tricky. It always is. You have to know the right questions to ask the company to be sure you’re not landing in a place where you’ll be treated badly. If it’s a warehouse company you also want to be sure you won’t be physically overworked. You also need to find out that the environment is safe—along with lots more questions about pay and hours. Here are some of the top questions we recommend asking the next time you interview for a warehouse job.

Questions to Ask Your Potential Employer

Question 1: What will my day-to-day job look like?

Great question! Your daily activities will either may the day seem like a year, or be fun, interesting, and less-than repetitious. Will you drive a forklift? How much manual labor will you do each day? Who will you work with? These are all great questions to ask an interviewer or hiring manager before...

How to Cancel an Interview Last Minute Without Burning Bridges

Posted on Jan 13, 2022

It’s flattering to get the interview. Especially if the recruiter contacted you proactively without your having to apply. While your first response may be “sign me up” for the interview, the reality is that, after some thought, it may not be a fit. Or, maybe you got another offer. But anytime you cancel an interview, especially last minute, it’s going to feel and look bad to the recruiter. But maybe, it doesn’t have to. Here’s how to cancel an interview without burning that bridge.

When Should You Ever Consider Declining a Job Interview?

It’s a dilemma. You may know in your heart that taking any interview is good practice. But seriously, what if you also know that you’re not going to take the job? The money may not be good enough or there may be an element of the work that you really don’t want to do. Should you waste time doing the interview? You’ll have to decide...

8 Ways People Plus Can Help You Advance Your Career in 2022

Posted on Jan 5, 2022

Who likes looking for a job? The answer is probably, “No one.” Job hunting is stressful, frustrating, and time-consuming. If you’re already working, you probably don’t have the time or energy to get serious about looking for something even though you want to. That’s where a recruiter can help you out. What can a recruiting team like People Plus do for your career in 2022?

How People Plus Can Help You Find a Great New Job

1. People Plus has connections to the hidden job market. Instead of throwing resumes down the bottomless well of a job board, send it to us. We can introduce you to hiring managers from the top companies without going through the generic cattle call for resumes from an ad on LinkedIn or Indeed.

2. People Plus can be a second set of eyes on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Our recruiters view dozens of resumes every day so...

Changing Careers? 3 Reasons Manufacturing Might Be Right for You

Posted on Dec 30, 2021

Changing Careers 3 Reasons Manufacturing Might Be Right for You

We’ve heard of a growing dissatisfaction with the career choices of new graduates. College debt is a significant burden for those just coming out of school. It was just a year ago that many of these recent graduates faced a grim job prospect. But there is new interest in the manufacturing field as an industry that pays well, offers job stability, and plenty of room for promotion. Whether you’re a mid-lifer thinking about a career switch or a new college graduate, here’s why a job in manufacturing might be a better choice than you might imagine.

Why A Job in Manufacturing? Here are Three Reasons

There is almost one-half of a million manufacturing jobs in the United States just waiting on skilled workers. The retirement of the Baby Boomer generation has left many U.S. industries hungry for talent. Interestingly, there are several misconceptions about...

How to Improve Engagement in Your Kentucky Warehouse

Posted on Dec 23, 2021

You’ve probably read the studies that suggest up to 70% of our workforce is disengaged. On top of this, people are leaving their old jobs in droves, at higher rates than we’ve ever seen. But if you can keep your existing employees engaged, you’ll stand a better chance of retaining your existing workforce. How can you improve engagement in your Kentucky warehouse? We have answers that may help.

Best Engagement Tips

Engaged workers are productive workers. They care about the quality of their work. They go a little bit above and beyond to deliver on a project. They work a little harder to take care of the customer. How can you, as the employer, capture this kind of commitment? Here are some tips for engaging the staff in your Kentucky warehouse:

Bring everyone together towards one goal. Employees want to have an overarching mission and a set of goals that motivates...

How to Bring Up a Promotion in Your End of Year Review

Posted on Dec 16, 2021

How to Bring Up a Promotion in Your End of Year Review

Just the idea of asking an employer for a promotion can be terrifying. Will they think you’re disloyal? Will it place a target on your back? What if the employer says “no?” While no promotion request is completely foolproof, we have some tips for bringing up the next steps in your career as part of your end-of-year review.

The Tips You Need To Advance Your Career During Your End of Year Review

Why Is Asking for a Promotion So Nerve-Wracking?

Asking for a promotion, in some ways, is like asking to be judged by your manager. It can feel like you’re putting a lot of power into the hands of a supervisor. It can also make you feel greedy or self-serving in a way that makes you uncomfortable. But the reality is simple; in many cases, if you don’t ask, you may not get what you need. Here’s what you can do to prepare.

Asking for a...

The Top Skills for Warehouse Workers to Improve in 2022 and How to Do It

Posted on Dec 9, 2021

The Top Skills for Warehouse Workers to Improve in 2022 and How to Do It

Warehouse skills are in-demand for 2022. With an increase in e-commerce deliveries during the pandemic and supply chain issues, warehouse workers have grown even more important to our national economy. These jobs are paying better than in the past, and if you have some of the most in-demand skills in the industry, you’ll make top dollar. So, what warehouse skills are important, and what you need to do to develop them for 2022?

What Skills Do You Need in the Warehouse?

The mental and physical skills you need to work in the warehouse industry are both soft and hard. Some skills are job-specific, while others, such as organizational skills, work well in any warehouse job. Some of the soft skills you’ll need in a warehouse job for 2022 include:

Communication skills are important in most jobs, and warehousing is no exception. You may need to communicate instruction...