Selecting your next job will be tricky. It always is. You have to know the right questions to ask the company to be sure you’re not landing in a place where you’ll be treated badly. If it’s a warehouse company you also want to be sure you won’t be physically overworked. You also need to find out that the environment is safe—along with lots more questions about pay and hours. Here are some of the top questions we recommend asking the next time you interview for a warehouse job.

Questions to Ask Your Potential Employer

Question 1: What will my day-to-day job look like?

Great question! Your daily activities will either may the day seem like a year, or be fun, interesting, and less-than repetitious. Will you drive a forklift? How much manual labor will you do each day? Who will you work with? These are all great questions to ask an interviewer or hiring manager before you take on the job.

Question 2: What are the core values of the company?

The mission and vision of a company, whether it’s a warehouse job or in any other field, should matter to you and your family. Do the values of the company align with what is important to you? What kind of employee characteristics embodies the values of the company? All of these questions will help determine what motivates employees in the company and will help you figure out what will matter to your bosses.

Question 3: What do you like about working here?

We love this question and it should follow something like, “How long have you worked here.” Pay careful attention to the body language exhibited around answering this question. Does the interviewer sigh before answering? Do they exhibit enthusiasm around their response? For this question, it’s as much as the interviewer says as what they don’t when answering that will help you figure out if the warehouse position is a good one for you.

Question 4: How will you measure my success in this role?

This is a really important question because most warehouse roles are production-driven. Can you find out the metrics and benchmarks in the job before you say “Yes?” Also, take some careful notes so you can follow up on this question later on. Good questions to follow up with include: Are the metrics or quotas increasing from last year? How many employees in a similar position actually hit those numbers?

Question 5: Can I advance in my position?

Finding a warehouse job with the opportunity to advance into management or other career-building roles is important for you and your family. So, ask if the company will pay for safety or other credentialing. Do they have tuition reimbursement? Does the company even have a learning and development initiative that you can take advantage of?

Question 6: What are some of the challenges I will face in this role?

This may be a question you want to repeat with different interviewers because each person may have a different perspective on this question. Feel free to ask follow up questions in response to the answers that employers give you, too. Your goal should be to find out as much about what you’re getting into as you can.

Need Help Finding A Great New Job? 

People Plus can help you find the right fit. We know a lot about the cultures and the day-to-day work environments of the companies we staff for. Contact us to find out more about open warehouse positions in your area. We can help you find the right fit.

Jan 20, 2022 By Amy Sanderson