Tips to Nailing a Phone Interview: Etiquette, Avoid Interrupting, Preparation, & More!

Sure, we’re in the Zoom era, where employers go screen to screen as part of the interview process. But most interviews, no matter the field you’re in, start with a phone call. Phone interviews may seem a lost art, but to move forward in any job interview process, you should know how to conduct yourself. This blog will help you nail your next phone interview with some practical tips to keep you moving forward in your job hunt.

Why Confidence is Key in Landing Any Job

If you know the expression “fake it till you make it,” you will understand the importance of having confidence in your job search. Self-assurance during the interview process is a sales technique that will help you land the job. If you conduct yourself with an air of self-confidence, the interviewer will know you believe in yourself and they’ll be more likely to believe in you, too. Here’s how to pull this off.