Review and Rate our People Plus Locations

Thank you to all our employees past, present and future. The fact that you were successful helps us know that we succeeded as well!

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“I give People Plus two thumbs up! They hire only those who take pride in themselves and who they work for. Thanks People Plus for being the best temp agency around and thanks even more for giving me a chance.”

- Wade Pierce, Kentucky

“I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience at People Plus. I love the job that People Plus helped make happen for me. People Plus is accessible, friendly, and goes the extra mile to help other succeed.”

- Myra Mings, Kentucky

“People Plus has all the advantages of a large firm while serving each employee as someone special. They make sure that the fit is right for both the employer and the employee.”

- Marlene Cox, Kentucky

“It has truly been a very rewarding experience working for People Plus. The professionalism and attentiveness shown by the staff at People Plus has been a step above any other agency I have worked for in the past.”

- Sonya Taylor, Kentucky

“My overall experience with this company was amazing. Everyone is so nice, helpful, and respective. I love People Plus.”

- Greg Lingris

“People Plus brought me hope and faith that I can get a job. They are very pleasant from the moment I walked through the door and are not judgmental.”

- Saundra D. King

“People Plus has a friendly staff, who are very helpful, fulfilling, employment helpers. Willing to answer questions and help other’s employment needs.”

- Christina Cotton

“I’m doing the best I can for you all and myself. Thanks again.”

- Robert Mendez

“Very good and I’d like to associate with them in future also.”

- Francis Thannikode

“Everyone I talked with was very kind and helpful with any concerns I had. Good job.”

- Chris Compton

“I have worked with Sean since I moved here from Fl last yr & he has been absolutely wonderful to work with. He’s pleasant, informative, & always available when I need him-even if it’s to remind me to send my timecard. Thank you for everything Sean.”