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From January to March 2022, about four million people, on average, switched jobs in this country. Pew Research says that translates into an annual average turnover rate of 30% across the board. That’s a lot of job jumping. The one thing each of these workers has in common is the need to fit in at their new position. But new people, processes, and tasks can initially overwhelm you when you take on a new job. Here’s how to fit in from the get-go.

Tips for Fitting in Quickly at a New Job

You did it. You made the jump to a new job. But the first few weeks can feel like walking a tightrope. You’re trying to understand and manage with a new boss, learn new tasks, but also fit into the culture. Can you do something right up front to ease this tricky transition?

Try These Tips for Fitting in at the New Job:

  • Try to get to know your coworkers. Learn names and fun facts about them. Look for commonalities in shared experiences and start to connect. Ask lots of questions and listen more than you talk. This will make you more approachable and help you feel more connected to your team.
  • Learn the company culture. Each company has its own unique work environment. It’s important to learn what is expected of you and how things are done in your organization. Ask your orientation team, boss, and coworkers about the company’s values, goals, and policies.
  • Take the initiative by participating in tasks. Show that you’re eager to learn and contribute by taking on new tasks, even if they’re outside your comfort zone. This will show your willingness to help the team succeed.
  • Always be professional and respectful. Show that you’re serious about the job and respectful of your position, coworkers, and the company. Make sure to be on time for meetings and follow the company’s policies and dress code.
  • Ask for help. Seeking feedback should be a regular part of your work ethic if you want to get ahead. But asking for advice and support in this way will help you learn more about the job and what is expected. Asking for feedback shows your willingness to grow and that you’re willing to take the initiative to improve your work and attitude.

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Jan 20, 2023 By Amy Sanderson