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In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving job market, leadership has become a critical aspect of any successful organization. Employers are looking for individuals who possess certain leadership traits that can help drive their companies to success. While the specific leadership traits may vary from company to company, there are a few core traits that are valued across all industries. What are those traits?

Leadership Traits That Can Help You Stand Out to Today's Employers

Employees who possess excellent communication skills are highly sought after by employers. They are able to articulate their ideas and vision clearly and effectively and are able to motivate and inspire their team members. Communication skills are essential to building and maintaining relationships with clients, stakeholders, and other team members.

Employers seek workers who can effectively analyze problems and develop innovative solutions. A leader with strong problem-solving abilities can identify potential issues early on and take proactive steps to mitigate them. Employees with these skills can adapt quickly to changing situations and make decisions that benefit the entire organization.

Vision for the Future

A visionary leader has a clear picture of the company’s future and can inspire other team members to work toward achieving that goal. Employers are looking for employees who can think strategically and see the big picture, while also being able to break down that vision into achievable goals.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence, or EI, is a critical trait that employers are looking for in leaders at all levels of the organization. Employees with EI can understand and manage their own emotions, as well as the emotions of their team. This insight, empathy, and self-control allow us to build strong relationships within a team and create a positive and productive work environment.

Empathy is related to EI, but it deserves a special place on this list as a highly desirable characteristic all on its own. Employees with empathy can understand and relate to the experiences of others. This understanding allows the employee to build trust and rapport with their team and create a culture of diversity and inclusivity.

Are you agile? Flexibility in today’s rapidly changing business landscape is a must for any leader or any employee. A flexible leader can adjust their approach to suit the needs of their team and the organization they serve. They are also able to pivot quickly in response to changing circumstances or market conditions.


Integrity refers to a person’s moral code, and it’s a trait highly valuable to employers. In the business world, ethical lapses by employees or leaders can be costly and lead to serious consequences. Employees who possess integrity are honest, ethical, and transparent in their dealings with team members, stakeholders, and clients. They hold themselves to high standards of behavior and expect the same from their team.

Looking for a Position That Can Bring Out The Best in You?

Do you feel like you have these traits? If so, employers are looking for high-caliber workers who exhibit these traits. If you’re on the job market or are thinking about a change, talk to People Plus. We help people get hired!

Mar 16, 2023 By Amy Sanderson