How to Stand Out from Other Kentucky Job Applicants

Ways to differentiate yourself when applying to jobs, how to make a memorable first impression, etc. Even when it seems like there are lots of jobs available, you still want to stand out as the best candidate on the market. Employers will seek you...

Finding a Job that Counts

As we write this, around 10 million Americans are looking for work. The pandemic did a number on a job market that was booming in early 2020. A year later, some people are still struggling to find a job in their chosen career. If you are having...

Why You Should Never Ghost an Employer 

Ghosting is a bad idea, no matter your situation. If you're a job seeker, disappearing from the hiring process, even if you get a better offer, is not a best practice we would recommend. Here's why.

What is the Fastest Way to Find a Job?

Even when the job market is hot, it can take a lot of time to find the right job. Today, with unemployment high and the COVID-19 virus still making an impact, finding the right job, or any job for that matter can be a challenge. We have some tips, though, that can help you get hired fast.